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Peripheral Arterial Disease Testing

Exertional compartment syndrome is one of the most underdiagnosed and overlooked problems in Podiatry and Orthopedics.  It is often mistaken for shin splints or muscle overuse and fatigue.  Dr. McCall has incorporated treadmill and associated intracompartmental analysis into his clinic to accurately identify this problem.  He is currently the only clinic in eastern Idaho to perform this test.

Compartment Pressure Analysis

The Ankle and Foot Clinic of Idaho has adopted the RS scan system for gait analysis.  This not only detects areas of pressure, but also analyzes the entire gait cycle from heel strike to toe off.  It operates at 300 frames per second and therefore can capture images at very high speed.

Gait Analysis

Digital x-ray is now used in most clinics.  It has distinct advantages over conventional film in storage and image quality.

Digital X-ray

Diagnostic ultrasound has been around for many years, but is relatively new in musculoskeletal diagnosis.  It has been a very valuable tool in inexpensive and immediate diagnostics, especially compared to MRI and CT.  It is often used to assist in diagnosis of tendon, ligament, and even bone pathologies.  It is preferred in early stress fractures, radiolucent foreign bodies, abcesses, tendonopathies, ligament strain, small joint injections, etc.

Diagnostic Ultrasound

Peripheral arterial disease is a silent, but life altering problem.  It is often a silent disease, meaning most people are not aware they have it.  This leads to chronically cold feet, cramping in the calf when walking, slow healing wounds, and foot discoloration.  This noninvasive test is an excellent tool to evaluate and catch even early disease.