Podiatrist, Foot and Ankle Surgeon in Idaho Falls, ID

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About Ankle and Foot Clinic of Idaho

Ankle and Foot Clinic of Idaho provides premier podiatry services to members of the Idaho Falls, Idaho, community and the surrounding areas. Andrew Mccall, DPM, FACFAS, is board-certified in foot, rearfoot reconstruction, and ankle surgery. He and his team are committed to providing you with the highest quality medical and surgical treatments for foot and ankle injuries and related disorders. 

The practice offers comprehensive podiatric care for common foot concerns like ingrown toenails, hammertoe, bunions, and flat feet. If you’re suffering foot pain or have concerns about your gait, Dr. McCall can evaluate your feet and recommend shoes, orthotics, or physical therapy exercises. 

When appropriate, patients may benefit from highly advanced minimal incision surgeries for their foot concerns and injuries. Patients with a chronic condition, like diabetes or arthritis, benefit from routine visits to manage their foot health. 

Call today to set up your appointment with the friendly, accommodating staff at Ankle and Foot Clinic of Idaho. Alternatively, use the online booking tool on this website to schedule your next visit.

Ankle and Foot Clinic of Idaho
✆ Phone (appointments): 208-826-1270
✆ Phone (general inquiries): 208-529-0229
Address: 2920 Cortez Avenue, Idaho Falls, ID 83404